Things They Won’t Teach You in a Driving School

Driving schools teach you the basic lessons, such as what to use when or how to do a U-Turn. But many instructors fail to mention some important tips that every student should know. Below are some significant lessons that you might have missed. .

Do Not Multi Task

Research shows that majority of the road accidents are caused because the drivers were on the phone while driving. Never answer a phone call, since it can distract your eye from the road. If it is extremely urgent, then pull out to a corner. Also quit habits like eating and especially drinking when you are driving. Simple things such as chatting with your co-passenger can divert your attention quite easily and result in disastrous consequences.

Be Courteous

Yes, driving is tough and requires a lot of concentration. But that is not a reason to snap at a fellow motorist on the road. This is really impolite, especially if the fault is yours. If you make an error, apologize and if someone helps, say ‘thank you’. For instance, if a motorist informs you that the back door is not closed properly, at least show a hand wave as a sign of gratitude. These are not a part of the syllabus in your driving school. For example, the driving lessons north Sydney will teach you how not to make a mistake, but not what to do when you make one.

Do not Hog

This rule applies specifically to over taking lanes. If you are on a freeway, never block others from their path. Not only is it unsafe but it is also rude. The person in the other vehicle might be in an emergency situation, thus, practicing how to switch lanes on a freeway is not a wise plan. This might be because you are not given proper training for fast driving. For example, usual driving lessons north Sydney include teaching students how to drive slow or drive in heavy traffic. But most times, they fail to show how to control the speed on a freeway.

Do not Tailgate

Tailgating is dangerous, especially in a traffic jam. You might do it out of an adrenaline rush to show off, but it can have serious implications if you do not have the required control. Remember, there are specific places built for such purposes such as race tracks, so no one will be harmed.

These lessons are not taught in driving schools, since your instructor expects you to know them already because these details are basic common sense.