Various Documents that are used by the Human Resources Department

In any business to function smoothly, there should be a human resources department. This department is responsible for looking over the welfare of employees and management. Depending on the size of the organization, you could choose to have a department or handle it yourself. Are you a small business owner? Do you have a HR department that handles the welfare of the employees? Or, are you at least using consultancy HR services? Your answer would probably be no. In fact, research studies shows that small business owners take care of the human resources themselves. If you’re an owner of a small-scale business, you should figure out, about the welfare of the employees.

There are various documentations that are involved in this area. Since, you’re company is responsible for handling these activities, you should be aware of it. On the other hand, as your business is still growing, you might not consider the importance of buying specialized software for these activities. With that said, there are many templates of these forms and documents online. Furthermore, you could find many reliable HR sites that provide formats of these documents. Here’s a list of some of the essential documents that you should have:

  • General

As mentioned earlier, there are various human resources forms and templates that are available online. The documents that come under the general category include the following;

  • Job offer letter
  • Employee verification document
  • Vacation or leave extension requests
  • Reporting of attendance and time
  • Medical benefits (insurance) and many more.
  • Leave procedures

On the other hand, employees who aren’t able to report to work or requires leaving work early for special reasons, should fill out some forms. Moreover, your company should have clear rules and policies regarding leave. Here are some of the templates that you could check online;

  • Leave approvals
  • Return to work – certification form
  • Form for maternity leave
  • Emergency leave request, etc.
  • Salary details and worker compensation

Furthermore, you could also find human resources forms and templates for salary payments and worker compensations. These include the following namely;

  • Payroll slips
  • Recruitment benefits
  • Staff recognition benefits
  • Report on staff injury, etc.

If you’re unaware of where to start from, you could first consult a HR agency for professional advice. You should be thorough with the employment law, in order to understand that various documentations mentioned in this article. There are many other forms that explain policies that aren’t mentioned in this article. Hence, research about these and other documents for further information.